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Desire is burning   作者:Jerry
10.0 (12人已評)
Billionaires fall into the trap of the wolf's heart, and beautiful girls fall into the trap of the chess game, and die.
The chairman's wife cheated on him, and Lao Wang next door set up a poisonous plot;
Dai Jinfeng was brutally murdered for her affair, but Xia Lu Xiong saved her from danger with his noble spirit
Poisonous old king took more drastic measures, and the scandal of pornography resurfaced.
The wicked wife cut down the grass and dug up the roots, and the mental institution was full of dense fog.
The wind-dust woman sacrifices herself to save her son, and the dissolute son of a wealthy family rises and falls
Unexpectedly, the mysterious person appeared
A shocking case makes waves again
In the midst of danger, every step is a trap
When the gamblers broke the deadlock again, they were chased step by step and ended up with bloodstained earth
Ten years of infatuation, in exchange for the official second generation's love, not knowing each other, but seeing the twin brothers' anger
Career, family, officialdom, love, a mystery-laden "Desire is burning" has stirred up the storm in Jiangnan City
Seeing the world's love and hatred, only tears wet the long shirt!
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Chapter 9: The Red Apricot Leaves the Wall

    The sunset paints the sky with red, and on the sea, there are bright spots of golden light dancing. The breeze is surrounded by spray, making a joyful hissing sound like a lover's whisper. Those golden spots are crumpled by the breeze, like a lover's embrace, without complaint, into the deep blue embrace of the sea.

    In the Jindi Hotel, the window of the southwest facing room opens outward, and a romantic sunshine shines into the room. The golden color immediately fills the room like..


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