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Chapter Ten
作者:Liu Renqian      更新:2024-02-23 10:38      字數:4009
    “Over the Moon on the Willow Tips” – Liu Yong and Tian Yueyue’s Song  and Dance Special Performance is about to take place at the Moon City Workers’

    Cultural Palace. This is the graduation commemorative gift that Yong has prepared for his beloved girl.

    The three years at Jinling Art College will soon become the past. During these three years, the more than one thousand days and nights where Yong and Yueyue fell in love will soon turn into cherished memories for the two of them. Even though they don’t yet know the path they’ll take after leaving the school gates, their hearts are filled with anticipation for the future, especially for the unknown years they will spend together, living and striving side by side. Thinking about these things, there is a sense of small happiness and sweetness in the hearts of these two young people.

    In fact, both the class teachers of Liu Yong and Tian Yueyue took the initiative  to talk to them. The school hopes that Tian Yueyue, who has talent in dancing, can  stay at the school. To be honest, in terms of performing on stage with a professional  artistic group, Tian Yueyue does not have a lasting advantage. After all, her petite  figure is undoubtedly a disadvantage for a performing art form like dance, where  physical appearance plays an extremely important role. To put it bluntly, it’s a  significant drawback. However, staying at the school and stepping onto the podium,  her solid foundation, talent in performance, unique understanding and grasp of dance, are all exceptional qualities that will become her strengths. These two “stages” are different. The stage undoubtedly has its glamorous side, but also a cruel and  ruthless aspect; the podium undoubtedly has its dull and cold side, but also a warm  and wonderful aspect. The path she will take ultimately depends on Tian Yueyue  herself. The opinions of the teachers can only serve as a reference, at most, an  important one.

    After having a conversation with Tian Yueyue, her class teacher ultimately handed over the decision-making power to her. Teachers understand the concerns of young people as well. Which young person wouldn’t want to make the most of their prime youth and freely express themselves on their preferred stage, like a gust of wind? What teachers worry about is what happens when the vibrant youth is spent, and the breeze no longer blows – how will one’s life path be navigated then? There are very few evergreen trees on the stage. In the past, some could remain at the forefront for decades, but nowadays, leading the scene is a matter of a few years. The post-market economy world is truly different. Those celebrity icons, like a revolving door, as one exits the stage, another steps in, one after another, in a cycle of replacement. It’s indeed a world where new talents emerge continuously.

    Tian Yueyue listened attentively to her class teacher’s guidance. She had previously discussed her post-graduation plans with her parents and had also shared the teacher’s opinions that she had noticed. Tian Yueyue grew up in the ancient town of Mudu in southern Suzhou, a place that values culture and education. When her parents heard that their daughter could stay at the school, they were overjoyed and ecstatic. They kept saying how great it is to stay at the colleg, how wonderful it is to stay at the college.

    With this decision, TianYueyue’s post-graduation plans were essentially settled. Liu Yong, of course, supported his girlfriend’s choice to stay at the school. Firstly, he never forgot his role as a “companion” in front of Tian Yueyue, and he had always prioritized supporting her decisions. Secondly, his own post-graduation plans were entirely different, and Tian Yueyue’s choice to stay at the college created a balance between them, which was exactly what he hoped for.

    Taking advantage of the opportunity presented by his graduation internship, Liu Yong secretly returned to the city of Moon City to plan a special song and dance performance.

    Even though his father, the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, had never been supportive of his chosen path and was especially skeptical about his involvement in popular music, the outside world was unaware of the true situation within the Liu family. The dynamic between father and son remained hidden, and Su Hua, as a wife and mother, was anxious but kept her concerns to herself, occasionally confiding in her own parents about her worries. The Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Liu Chengyin, unknowingly became a powerful “red big umbrella” behind Liu Yong.

    Having been well-connected in the city of Moon City for many years, Wu Mengyue, who was quite socially adept, immediately set her sights on Liu Yong as a potential “bait.”

    As the owner of the Moon City Grand Hotel, Wu Mengyue had a certain level of recognition in Moon City. Although her level of fame was not as high as the general managers of other luxury hotels in Moon City, such as Moon City International, Moon City Crown, and Moon City Jinling, she was still considered a notable figure in Moon City. Being a woman and having a charming demeanor, Wu Mengyue held a certain status in the city.

    Wu Mengyue used to be a singer and performer in the Moon City Song and Dance Troupe. She was capable of performing local folk songs, popular tunes, as well as regional operas like Yue Opera, Xi Opera, and Huangmei Opera, but her abilities were only at the level of being “capable.” Within the troupe, she was neither a prominent figure nor a potential candidate for development. She was simply an ordinary singer and performer. According to experts in the field, her voice lacked distinctiveness. In simpler terms, her voice lacked individuality and wasn’t easily recognizable by the audience. Such a singer, even if made more accessible to the general public, would find it difficult to shine and bring credit to the troupe. Consequently, it’s unlikely that the troupe would be able to rely on someone like her. For her personal career development as an actor, her opportunities were indeed limited.

    Of course, Wu Mengyue was well aware of this  situation and understood it. Therefore, when the song and dance troupe underwent restructuring, with the leadership of the relevant authorities encouraging the actors to actively embrace the wave of reform, enter the market, and face challenges, Wu Mengyue responded positively and without hesitation by choosing to venture out on her own. She made a decisive move, converting her years of service in the song and dance troupe into cash. Subsequently, armed with this sum of money, she cut the metaphorical “umbilical cord” tying her to the troupe, bid a confident farewell with a simple “Bye- bye!” and each went their separate ways.

    Transitioning from a “unit person” to a “member of society,” Wu Mengyue, brimming with entrepreneurial dreams, rented a few shops in Moon City’s Wealth Plaza to run a business selling women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. In theory, as a relatively young and fashionable woman herself, she should have had a good understanding of her target audience’s preferences and been able to grasp market trends. This way, she could have positioned her products to win the favor of similar women, driving her business toward a positive development trajectory. At least, that’s what Wu Mengyue imagined to be achievable.

    Things didn’t turn out to be as simple as Wu Mengyue initially thought. Her business selling women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories in Moon City Wealth Plaza didn’t succeed. The years she had spent in the song and dance troupe were traded for cash, which quickly transformed into stacks of unsold women’s clothing, piles of unsold women’s shoes, and boxes of unsold women’s accessories. In this process, Wu Mengyue had inadvertently pushed herself into a “debt pit.” Faced with creditors, she initially ran around, trying to find new sources of funding through what people colloquially call “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” However, she soon realized that this strategy wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed, and she ended up in a cycle of borrowing to repay previous debts. Eventually, she found that evading creditors wasn’t a sustainable solution either. Feeling trapped and desperate, Wu Mengyue had no choice but to resort to a well-known tactic from the “Thirty-Six Stratagems,” one that is widely recognized: “If all else fails, retreat.”

    As a result, in front of those shops at Wealth Plaza, people came across an open  letter titled “To Our Fading Friendship.” The letter listed a long string of names  and candidly confessed that due to poor management, these friends had turned into  creditors. This role reversal ultimately led to the demise of these friendships. This  transformation caused immense pain for the business owner, who couldn’t forgive  themselves and chose to leave. The open letter was signed by Wu Mengyue. Several  years later, Zhao Wei directed a film titled “To Our Youth That Is Fading Away,” which gained quite a bit of attention. The phrasing of the film’s title was strikingly  similar to that of the open letter, a coincidence that Wu Mengyue could never have  anticipated, even in her dreams.

    After experiencing the challenges of entrepreneurship, Wu Mengyue decided to leave Moon City. Following her departure, she opted for a profession that was popular at the time and suited her circumstances: becoming a hostess. She wasn’t someone who willingly embraced a decadent lifestyle. Upon arriving in a southern city, she intended to use her skills by becoming a karaoke (KTV) singer, which would help her make ends meet. However, after trying a few places, the owners thought that a full-time KTV singer role might not be feasible. Nevertheless, they welcomed her to sing and entertain customers, which was seen as a favorable option.

    The owners were practical and discreetly informed Wu Mengyue that if she excelled at her role as a hostess and was willing to entertain clients, the income potential could be substantial. They told her that earnings could reach four or five digits per month, and that was just a “small kiss” in terms of income.

    The principle of survival of the fittest was something Wu Mengyue naturally  understood. Since she had ventured into this path, she couldn’t easily let go of a  money-making opportunity. Steeling herself, she agreed to work as a hostess at  a KTV establishment. However, before agreeing with the owner, she corrected a  mistake he made. She told him seriously that when he mentioned “ 小 Kiss” (small  kiss), he probably meant “ 小 case” (small case), right? The owner smiled at her and  said, “Whether it’s ‘ 小 Kiss’ or ‘ 小 case,’ just be ready to count money every day.” As he spoke,he placed his hand on Wu Mengyue’s thigh.

    Liu Yong and Wu Mengyue’s first meeting took place in a KTV establishment.

    After parting ways with Tian Yueyue, Liu Yong was feeling a bit lonely and  restless. These young people of their generation were quite progressive and in  tune with the times when it came to matters of relationships and gender dynamics.  Everywhere you look, there’s talk of “globalization” and “international integration,” and the youth really excel in this aspect. Not only in society but even on university  campuses, there are cases of couples who secretly cohabit or openly rent apartments  together off-campus if they’re in love. In fact, Liu Yong and Tian Yueyue eventually  found a place off-campus to live together in secrecy. The wonderful experiences they  shared during their trip to Xinjiang left an indelible mark on them, causing these  passionate lovers to become almost addicted to each other, unable to let go, and  deeply infatuated.

    In Tian Yueyue’s perspective, being with Liu Yong wasn’t a big deal. She had already made up her mind to be with him, and besides, she had given him her precious first night. They were already a couple in her eyes, destined for marriage eventually. So, what was the fuss about being together? To put it bluntly, whenever Liu Yong passionately consumed her, whenever they melded together in a tumultuous embrace, whenever the climax came after moments of intense passion, she seemed to feel her soul departing, her body floating away. That state of intoxication and ecstasy, if you could call it that, didn’t just make her reluctant to leave; it was more like she was addicted to it.

    Liu Yong was at an age when he could be considered quite active in terms of his sexual desires. Having experienced the pleasures and delights that sex could bring, it was unlikely that he would not pursue other opportunities for physical intimacy. Once separated from Tian Yueyue, his hidden “little prince” nature began to emerge naturally.

    Taking advantage of not being a native of Moon City and having parents who hadn’t worked there for many years, as well as grandparents who weren’t familiar with the city’s layout despite living with his parents in Moon City, Liu Yong became somewhat reckless. He developed an unhealthy penchant for seeking companions of ill repute privately.

    And so, in a certain “KTV” establishment in Moon City, Liu Yong and Wu Mengyue crossed paths. Liu Yong arranged for Wu Mengyue to “entertain” him. It’s peculiar – didn’t Wu Mengyue leave Moon City to work as a hostess in the south? How did she end up meeting Liu Yong in Moon City? In truth, the events mentioned earlier are all part of Wu Mengyue’s past. By the time Liu Yong returned to Moon City, Wu Mengyue had become the owner of the Moon City Grand Hotel and had gained a certain level of recognition in the city.

    I have a flower planted in my heart,

    Budding gently, with a serene beauty.

    Day after day, and night after night,I eagerly wait,

    Hoping that someone with a caring heart will enter my dreams.

    The woman’s charm sways in the mortal world,

    The woman’s allure gently sways in the breeze.

    I only hope for a pair of gentle hands

    That can soothe the loneliness in my heart.

    I have a flower with fragrance filling every branch,

    Who will come to seek its true scent?

    The bloom is fleeting, it’s time to pick it,

    Women are like flowers,flowers are like dreams.

    In the hall of a Moon City “KTV,” dim and alluring lights cast shifting shadows, with soothing music playing in the background. Couples of men and women strolled leisurely on the dance floor. Occasionally, groups of two or three women danced while embracing each other. Just as the first part of Anita Mui’s song “Woman Flower” played, Liu Yong hurriedly stepped forward to present a flower.

    The woman’s steady, low-toned, and magnetic voice, coupled with her smoky timbre, echoed Anita Mui’s style perfectly. This immediately captivated the wild heart of Liu Yong. Fondness sprouted within him, accompanied by a desire to console, and the urge to act impulsively, just like the line “ 直 須 折 ” (must pick directly) from the song. Liu Yong, also known as “LiuDaolang”, was well aware that impulsive actions often came with consequences. If you listen to the song “ 沖動的 懲罰 ” (The Consequences of Impulse) by Daolang, everything becomes clear.

    Liu Yong’s flower offering was creative. He folded three smiling “Chairman Mao” portraits into three red flowers. Despite the flowers not being particularly vivid in color, when presented to the singing woman, Liu Yong was quite the gentleman. The singing woman nodded in appreciation, accepted the “flower” from the handsome young man, and continued her performance without interruption.

    I have a flower growing in my heart,

    True feelings and love, no one understands.

    Wild grass has covered the hillsides,

    Self-appreciation is the most painful.

    The woman’s charm sways in the mortal world,

    The woman’s allure gently sways in the breeze.

    I only hope for a pair of gentle hands

    That can soothe the loneliness in my heart.

    The woman’s charm sways in the mortal world,

    The woman’s allure gently sways in the breeze.

    Ifyou’ve smelled the strong fragrance offlowers,

    Don’t ask me for whom the flowers bloom red.

    Loved and knew what’s deep in love,

    Drunken and knew the strength of wine.

    Blossoms and withers, in the end, it’s all empty.

    Destiny doesn’t linger, like the spring breeze it comes and goes.

    Destiny doesn’t linger, like the spring breeze it comes and goes.

    Women are like flowers,flowers are like dreams.

    Destiny doesn’t linger, like the spring breeze it comes and goes.

    Women are like flowers,flowers are like dreams.

    Women are like flowers,flowers are like dreams.

    Slightly deviating from the first verse, the singing woman in this section added more emphasis to the piercing high notes, which earned her enthusiastic applause from the audience. Just as the woman was about to leave the stage, Liu Yong approached, holding a glass of red wine.

    “Hello, handsome! Thank you for the flower you gave earlier,” the singing woman said naturally as she accepted the wineglass, lightly clinking it against the one Liu Yong held, expressing her gratitude.

    “Could I invite you to my private room for a while? I’m still immersed in your singing. You sang wonderfully. To be honest, I’m a singer too, but I’ve never wanted to become a professional singer,” Liu Yong maintained his courtesy and manners.

    “Well then, it seems like we’re destined to meet,” as the singing woman was about to put down her microphone and follow Liu Yong while holding the wine glass, the “KTV” host’s polite inviting gesture halted her. “Someone has paid a hundred yuan for Miss Yueyue to sing another song, ‘Intimate Lover.’ Please welcome her.”

    “I’m sorry, please wait a moment. After I finish singing this song, I’ll come over,” the singing woman apologized to Liu Yong and returned the red wineglass to him.

    In this moment, Liu Yong was dumbfounded. “Yueyue?” His mind buzzed for a moment. How could this be possible? How could his “Yueyue” be here in Moon City? Even if she were in Moon City, how could she be working as a singer in this “KTV”? After a moment of confusion, Liu Yong dismissed the worst possibility he had been fearing. Regaining his senses, he scolded himself in his mind and thought he was being foolish. He realized that the woman before him might sing well, but she couldn’t possibly match the appearance of his beloved Yueyue. His Yueyue was not just shorter than the tall woman in front of him, but her facial features and proportions were all inline with the standards of a “beautiful woman.” Of course, the woman in front of him was beautiful too, but there was a difference in their kinds of beauty. Her beauty had an element of maturity and allure. If he were to compare his beloved Yueyue to a flower bud, despite the fact that she had already blossomed under his care, she was still a blooming bud. However, the woman in front of him was a fully bloomed flower. What made Liu Yong happy was that this flower was in its prime, at the peak of its beauty. He thought that enjoying this fully bloomed flower would surely bring a unique taste and sensation.

    Everything happened quickly and naturally, without any awkwardness or pretense.

    On that same evening, inside Liu Yong’s private room at the “KTV,” Liu Yong and Wu Mengyue shared their first intimate moment.

    Liu Yong expressed his affection and admiration eagerly, sparing no expense to invite Miss “Yueyue” for an appearance. To Liu Yong’s unexpected surprise, the woman referred to as “Yuueyue” by the KTV host locked the private room and made advances towards him, embracing him without warning. She skillfully licked various sensitive parts of Liu Yong’s body, quickly arousing this “lusty rooster,” turning it into a fully prepared “combat cock.” Of course, during such moments, Liu Yong would by no means remain idle, nor standby passively. His hands quickly moved onto the noodle chef’s body, tightly grasping the two clusters of snowy-white and tender “dough,” kneading, rubbing, kneading, and rubbing incessantly. He tirelessly kneaded and rubbed, clearly, the “dough” had a good foundation, and Master Liu’s touch was exceptionally skilled. The sensation in a certain part of the body grew increasingly intense. It wasn’t just a heightened sensation; it was as if it were on fire, burning with desire, and becoming almost unbearable. Consequently, Liu Yong effortlessly and without any resistance, entered the woman’s tender territory.

    The immeasurable power erupted from the fusion of Yin and Yang. The heavens trembled, the earth cracked open. There were mountainous roars and tsunami-like waves. Everything surged and surged again. Liu Yong and the woman beside him seemed to transform into two ethereal clouds in the vast universe. Their bodies felt completely emptied, and they became intangible and ethereal; the experience brought by this union of Yin and Yang was unlike anything they had ever felt before. Liu Yong finally experienced the taste of a ripe peach. The warmth, the smoothness, the natural harmony, the unique adjustment and control—it was exquisite, perfectly fitting, and effortlessly accomplished. He deeply felt a sense of nurturing, realizing that everything that had been done before was a preparation for his “release.” He felt his “supreme supremacy,” he felt his “incomparable glory,” and he felt his “ascension to immortality.”

    He surrendered his heart, willing to worship the pure and gentle woman beside him.

    Liu Yong finally came to know that her name was Wu Mengyue. “Yueyue” was  just a nickname she occasionally used when visiting the KTV. She wasn’t a “hostess” and therefore wouldn’t be providing entertainment. Hence, there was no need for the  young man to spend extravagantly. Even if he did, this young lady wasn’t interested  anyway. It’s quite an encounter for both of them, where a single glance was enough  to stir their hearts. It wasn’t just an emotional response but a physical one too. Their  bodies were entranced, unable to move away, unable to take a step back. What  entering this private room meant, well, that goes without saying.

    Wu Mengyue told Liu Yong that her story could be written into a book, and if he was interested in learning more, he could find her at the Moon City Grand Hotel. She had a private chamber there that was much cozier than this private room. It would be an entirely different experience, you know.