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Chapter 10 Fairy Tales for Adults
作者:Zhu Congqian      更新:2024-02-23 10:42      字數:1028
    The Dinoman Zere told Yu Sha that it liked Macao, which maybe true. This was mainly because people walking on the streets of Macao wanted to believe that everything was true, including the Dinoman that appeared on the Cotai Strip ——the Dinosaur Parade. It made people stop one after another. On the west side of the Cotai Strip, the afternoon sun was hot and enthusiastic, but it was not as good as the eyes of the people when they saw their dreams shine into reality. The Dinoman organized a large group of dinosaurs walking on the street, like a scene from a science fiction movie.

    “Is this attractive enough?”

    She could not believe it was true. The little girl stared dumbfounded at the group of dinosaurs lining up and walking on the small bridge in the indoor square——so the dinosaurs were the stars as Dinoman Zere said. They were really a large group!

    “Hey, let’s go!” The little monster touched her back lightly with its long tail and looked at her with strange eyes. “Did you stop because it was too hot?”

    Yu Sha came back to her senses and said, “Aren’t you afraid of being discovered by the human for calling so many dinosaurs?”

    “What will they discover? Will they discover that I am a great mechanical product of human kind, a perfect historical restoration? Or will they discover that I am an excellent tutor to teach children like you?” Dinoman Zere’s eyes became more and more strange, as if Yu Sha was the monster in its eyes.

    The little robot showed her the words “rest assured” from that unique big eye.

    After getting off the bridge, this great dinosaur team attracted more and more attention. The concavenator walked at the forefront of the dinosaur team with a hunchback. It bent over and moved forward cautiously like a cat; the young Yutyrannus opened its emerald green eyes and shook its long hair-like feathers; the armor on the back of the Sauropelta creaked every time it took a step; the Tsintaosaurus probed forward with its duck-like beak, showing eagerness for every plant it passed……These dinosaurs were of different species and shapes, but they all had a surprisingly consistent pace and the same docile expression.

    So did adults really think these dinosaurs were mechanical based on this?

    In the cars on the roads, people lowered the windows to take short videos with their mobile phones, but no one called the police.

    The pedestrians also stopped and raised their mobile phones, blocking the relatively spacious path. A little boy wearing the uniform of the Macao International School suddenly pinched the tail of the Compsognathus who was walking at the end of the team. The little dinosaur endured the pain and did not scream, but the little boy exclaimed excitedly, “Ah! Grandma, look! It is shorter than me, and it’s not hard to pinch! It’s much better than the toys in the mall! Grandma, I want to buy this one!”

    The Dinoman did not speak, and it just raised its paw and patted the little robot’s head. The steel elf immediately understood, and subtitles rolled in its big eye: “There will be a dinosaur exhibition at Galaxy Arena tomorrow. Welcome everyone!”

    After walking like this for a long time, Yu Sha was already a little thirsty, but no one could discern the truth after such a long time. Yu Sha gradually felt that the world of these adults was extremely sad.

    A tall and slender woman came galloping from a taxi, holding a mobile phone and a selfie stick in her hand, and went straight to the most distinctive-looking juvenile Yutyrannus, talking to her mobile phone without any stop.

    “Everyone! Aling has arrived at the Macao Dinosaur Parade! Now I will show you these beautiful cuties!”

    She opened her arms exaggeratedly, and hugged the calf of the Yutyrannus intimately, and then with a dull roar, she took a step back in fright and fell to the ground.

    “Is……is this true?”

    No one knew when the little robot jumped on the head of the Yutyrannus, and the codes were scrolling rapidly in its big eye. The irritable big guy finally become docile. It stood on the spot and repeated the cry just now, without any emotion, pretending that it was a machine.

    The anchorwoman let out a long breath. “So it has been set.” She looked at the little robot, “Little machine, can you stop it and let me show my fans clearly?”

    The little monster did not miss the opportunity this time, and the words rolled in its big eye: “There will be a dinosaur exhibition at Galaxy Arena tomorrow. Welcome everyone!”

    When they were almost at the end of the Cotai Strip, an interview car of a TV station slowly stopped. The reporter got out of the car and pointed the microphone at the small robot. “Can you accept the interview? Is someone remotely controlling it? Which technology company does this belong to?”

    The little robot made a mechanical beeping sound and then used its eye to display the text: “There will be a dinosaur exhibition at Galaxy Arena tomorrow. ”

    The reporter seemed a little puzzled. “My audience, it seems that it doesn’t want to talk about the business secrets. OK. Can we take more close-up shots?”

    The word “Please” appears in the little robot’s big eye, and then it put on various cool poses.

    The Dinoman narrowed its eyes lazily and shook its tail, looking at Yu Sha. “Do you know why I like Macao?”

    “Because this was once the center of the world?” Yu Sha said perfunctorily.

    The Dinoman said nothing.

    “People here are willing to believe that everything is true. In your eyes, how many people can we attract tomorrow?”