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Chapter 10 Beyond the Ending
作者:Zhu Congqian      更新:2024-02-23 10:40      字數:3330
    "I always thought that False Gods were different from each other, it turns out that every False God is just the same as you, looking like a human being! But are they really False Gods? Or have you False Gods taken from the world of mortals?” The bearded man gasped and asked. The expression on his face was like dead ash, "They saw me, and they all stopped dancing, and the damn music stopped!"

    "You guessed right, my lord, they are False Gods," Kun replied calmly.

    In the vast white light, under the gaze of the two pseudo-god sculptures, Kun returned to his previous calm and indifferent tone, "They are the most important population component of the False Gods —— the sustainers. They inhabit the base of the Sky Tower and are the most numerous False Gods.”

    "They look similar to us mortals, except for the slenderness……" said the bearded man rolling his eyes.

    "Yes, but the sustainers are still False Gods, pure-blooded heavenly beings. Just like the difference in the color of human skin, or the difference between height and shortness, the False Gods also have racial divisions.” Kun said peacefully.

    As if suddenly realizing something, the bearded eyes hurriedly looked around and said, "Is there no other way we can go? Only there?" Indeed, surrounded by nothing but statues and walls, and with the passage we were running down behind us in a state of peril, the gelatinous "door" seemed to be the only way out.

    Kun nodded silently, and behind him, two towering statues of False Gods looked down with a gesture as if they were urging.

    "Let's go, if we want to get out, we must go through the crowd of False Gods - sustainers."

    Fear turned into anger, and the bearded man grabbed Kun's spotless collar and tried to take him off the ground, but the bearded height did not allow him to do so, and he could only grab Kun's collar and pull him in front of him. " You're not in league with those false gods, are you? Bah, I'm so silly, you two are simply allies, this is the end of your conspiracy, you are trying in every possible way to lure us to bring us here! ”

    Kun ignored the bearded unreasonableness, he smiled coldly, and with a slight push, he broke free from the grip of the dwarf chief.

    Kun straightened his clothes that had been messed up by the bearded man, and then walked towards the gelatinous "door" alone, not even bothering to argue……

    "Hey, you! Stop!"

    When the bearded voice came from behind me, I knew what he wanted to say, but I didn't want to listen to…… Perhaps for me at that time, following Kun was the only choice, and it had even become some kind of instinct.

    I followed Kun into the gelatinous "door", and the bearded man could only follow after cursing to no avail.

    Stepping into the "door", the discomfort of colloidal squeezing gradually disappeared, the deafening music came in all directions, and the earth-shattering sound made my heart tremble…… I drifted to another world.

    Thousands of False Gods, however, were immersed in this almost noisy music, dancing and jumping, waving their arms wildly, and singing in the flickering light.

    In the extravagant and restless environment, our steps were buried in the screams of "madness", and no False Gods noticed our approach. These False Gods, whom Kun called "sustainers", did look too similar to us humans, except for the slight differences in their figures, and their expressions of pleasure and enjoyment, which were in no way similar to the humans on earth—men in our tribe always had serious and tolerant expressions, while women were endlessly worried and frightened.

    "Look there." Fear trembled in the bearded man's deep voice, and in the direction he pointed stubby in the direction of a glass crystal larger than a tent, brilliant and changing images were leaping and changing, and those brightly colored pictures danced to the music, which was incredible.

    Next to the "magical" glass crystal, on the triangular platform made of sterling silver, three False Gods danced the wildest of dances and seemed to be leading the rhythm of the entire room. They sang at the plush ball in front of them, but the sound could immediately resound throughout the audience, and then screamed and ignited the emotions of tens of thousands of False Gods here.

    "What are they talking about?" I looked at Kun and asked, "Why can't I understand a word of the language of the False Gods?"

    "The sustainers are saying that blackouts are great, that blackouts are punishment for rulers, that they are a carnival feast that sustainers can't ask for. They're going to take advantage of the blackout and dance their hearts out, partying before all the old order strikes again.” Kun explained with a smile.

    "In this way, these False Gods called 'sustainers' should thank us, maybe we can convince these False Gods who look like mortals to join our mortal team! Tear down this damn tower together." Zulu suggested, stroking his beard.

    Kun looked at Zulu's recklessness with an appreciative expression, but under Kun's appreciative expression, I didn't see any intention of putting this idea into practice.

    The False Gods were still frantically noisy, and the wave of frenzy that erupted in the crowd was wave after wave, and the carnival did not seem to stop.

    "Go, translate it, what did the False Gods say?" Zulu asked anxiously.

    I've never seen him have a more positive moment than now, in addition to asking for food, could it be that such harsh music also ignited the dwarf's passion?

    "They say that the carnival is about to reach its climax, they will first celebrate the awakening of mortals, celebrate the suffering mortals on the ground who have gained the wisdom to storm the Sky Tower, thus freeing them from repetitive and boring work, and get the moment of revelry, thanks……" Kun stood up in surprise, and I followed his gaze to the magic crystal in the center of the stage - and suddenly an image of me and Zulu appeared!

    When the music stopped, thousands of False Gods immediately stared at us, and everyone stopped dancing and set their eyes on me and Zulu, two mortals who accidentally broke in—the sustainers spotted us!

    When the deafening music stopped and the surroundings brightened, the False Gods gathered at us, and although I bowed and made a gesture of invitation as they walked up to us, I knew it was only politeness hidden under threat.

    The courtesy of the strong to the weak was cruel, and the only thing I could do was maintain my dignity as if I were posturing.

    But now everything was too obvious, Kun brought us to come to the place where the false gods gathered, Kun was lying to me, and I believed him again and again, which was all my fault. I shouldn't trust others, I shouldn't trust the deceitful and encouraging gaze. As my father said, I was too weak and easy to rely on others, so I now understand my father's dislike of me, and I regret it…… But being a child to my father, the only thing I could do now was not to give in, and I would bravely face the tragic fate caused by my naivety.

    I followed the False Gods to the center of the stage " upright and unafraid ", and the gazes of thousands of False Gods followed us closely.

    Although I trembled and feared, I still stubbornly raised my head, while Kun stared at me silently, without saying a word, was Kun really not going to say anything about his betrayal? I was so stupid. Did he need to say anything? As a False God, perhaps he should have been.

    The False Gods waiting on the high platform were enthusiastically "examining" me, perhaps it was a trick to pretend to be kind—to make me easily reveal the secret of betraying humanity? This was very similar to the trick that Kun used on me, and I would never fall for Kun again…… Although it was too late, I turned my head paranoid and did not want to accept the hypocritical enthusiasm of the False Gods.

    However, the False Gods, who were in the center of the stage, their hot gazes still condensed on me, and the joy on the faces of the False Gods was not live away because of my cold expressions, for a moment, I even felt the friendliness in those eyes, was I wrong again?

    The music started again, the waves of cheers and screams were stronger than the waves, and all the False Gods were screaming and cheering at us like crazy.

    "What are they talking about?" I was a little dazed by the unprovoked enthusiasm of the False Gods.

    "They say, thank you, the undaunted mighty men of the mortal world, you've broken the power grid, which is tightly controlled by the high command of the heavenly beings. That is amazing! But even so, the leaders of the people of heaven should not detain you, this is against the iron law of the ancestors of the people of heaven, your spirit of pursuing freedom is touching, thank you for your great actions, and also create an opportunity for them to feast and revelry, and now they want to applaud your bravery."

    Kun didn't defend my suspicions, as if he acquiesced to the accusations in my eyes, so I was in a worse mood now than when I realized Kun's betrayal.

    A False God high in the center of the stage saw the interaction between me and Kun, and he approached me enthusiastically, I was able to see that he had purple hair, which was very good. The False God muttered a bunch of incomprehensible words, and his hands swung exaggeratedly, trying to make me understand what he meant.

    "He's asking you if there's anything they can do to help?" Kun translated beside me.

    "Food, a lot of food, I'm hungry!" Zulu said urgently…… The purple-haired False God smiled very satisfied after hearing Kun's translation.

    Several False Gods who looked almost the same appeared around the corner with plates covered with glass, and they obediently came to the center of the stage, and the brilliant lighting of the hall made the dinner plates in the hands of the False Gods even more tempting, making people guess what kind of delicacies should be hidden in the plates. The hungry Zulu stuck his whole head to the glass cover outside the plate, staring at the magnificent tableware deadly, afraid that the false gods would regret taking them away.

    The starter course was a whole elaborately cooked bighorn deer, luxuriously sprinkled with charming spices on a charred crispy skin, and underneath it was a lovely emerald mint leaf. ……

    The bearded man looked like a hungry wolf - his greedy look was really a disgrace to mortals.

    "Welcome to a world of freedom and abundance." The purple-haired pseudo-god spoke in an unskilled human language, with just the right invitation pose.

    More False Gods brought more food, such as red pepper swordfish soup with a strong fragrance, whole thunderbird wings cooked with volcanic grass, and countless summer fruits……

    "It's literally…… Heaven.” The bearded man gobbled up a sigh that he was reveling in the "hospitality" of the enemy and did not skimp on his own praise.

    And we were taught from childhood that the incomparably vicious enemies - the False Gods, stopped the partying just so as not to disturb our "meal".

    I had always thought Kun's goodness was an extremely rare exception among False Gods, and my father and elders always repeated the selfishness and cruelty of False Gods and their irrefutable crime - forcibly sprinkling frost on the earth that made the world cold……

    But as things stand, goodness might also be a quality that a False God might have.

    If they were good, or some of the False Gods were good, then why couldn't mortals and false gods sit down and communicate well? In that case, war wouldn't be the only option between the False Gods and humans!

    The answer to this question became clear when the dwarf chief rudely threw the leftover deer's head on the ground ……

    "It's so unpalatable!" The bearded Zulu grumbled rudely. Not because of the fact that the food was unpalatable, but because of the attitude he must adhere to as a dwarf chieftain—even if it was prejudice…… Prejudice creates incomprehension, which in turn creates a gap that ignores the facts.

    At this moment, the bearded man wiped the residue from his beard with his oil-stained hands, and then picked up a piece of thunderbird wing and began a new "journey".

    "In the face of the prejudices accumulated over generations, the low-level False Gods are known as maintainers, they can't do anything, can they? Although these false gods have good hearts, they can't make any decisions, can they? Like mortal tribes, their destinies are controlled by higher False Gods.” I thought sadly, and thus lost interest in the food in front of me, if it were not so, then the decisive battle between mortals and false gods might have been avoided.

    "You're a half-right, smart boy, you have amazing observations." Kun encouraged. Once again, he saw through my heart.

    The aroma of food gathered on the side of Kun's face, and I realized that he was the only one with blue skin among all the False Gods present, and Kun's appearance was different from these False Gods called "sustainers".

    "You see those 'mirrors' that play realistic images? The mortal life on earth is under the gaze of the sustainer, just as the True God is looking down on his people on the earth, and like a grand reality show that is staged all the time, which makes the maintainers who repeat the boring "maintenance" work all day intoxicated…… Most of my kind, good-hearted, sustainers of the False Gods—in fact, they care far more about mortals on earth than you see, and are outraged by your tragic fate!”

    "But the sustainers can't do anything to change all this, can they? But this is not to blame them, the sustainers are only the vast majority of the False Gods—the vast majority without decision-making power. If only we could stop the war, after all, these good False Gods depend on the Sky Tower for their livelihood." I naively said my wish to Kun.

    "You are wrong this time, child, even the most ordinary False Gods - the maintainers also have power, which is exactly the opposite of human society. The most numerous False Gods have absolute power, while the rulers among the False Gods can only execute their power according to the will of the majority, and apart from the support of the majority of the False Gods populace, the rulers of the False Gods can do nothing."

    At that time, what Kun said made it difficult for me to understand, which was exactly the opposite of my understanding, in our tribe, my father was the strongest and brave warrior, so it was natural to have absolute power, and everyone followed my father with pleasure and sincerity, so as to get the best protection in the cold world, chase the strong, follow the strong, this was a natural thing.

    Kun's logic also troubled Zulu, but perhaps the bearded man was afraid of losing the food in front of him, or maybe he was afraid of offending the False Gods around him, he pulled my clothes and said, "Kid, don't you eat more? After so many days of starvation, wouldn't you be hungry? Don't think about mysterious things here, eat! Otherwise, you will starve to death sooner or later.”

    "You will know the answer, most False Gods are not as evil as human mouths, most False Gods worry about the fate of mortals day and night……"

    Kun was desired to speak but paused, and some complex emotions flowed in his eyes, and that expression was like a lost butterfly.

    The purple-haired False God approached us kindly again, and he smiled warmly as if he were a summer breeze.

    "Are you going to join us? Delicious food every day.” Kun translated for the purple-haired pseudo-god, "You can live comfortably, there is no cold in the Sky Tower, wild beasts, and more importantly, the food here is always unlimited…… ”


    Zulu's rough voice "coldly" rejected the offer of the pseudo-god. At this moment, the dwarf chief's two mustaches and plates were glued together - even when expressing his strongest emotions, he still did not stop eating, "We mortals can never be with false gods, even if there is the most comfortable life in the tower of false gods, but there is no freedom for mortals to chase here."

    "Thank you for the meal! Thanks, but never! ” Zulu touched his mouth, pushed away the dinner plate that had been swept clean by him in front of him, and reluctantly lamented the uneaten food in the distance of the long table, "Although we mortals live hard, we also have our own dignity!" We will never be in league with digital demons that go against nature because of our desire for pleasure. ”

    Regretful and apologetic gazes appeared on the face of the purple-haired pseudo-god at the same time. He tilted his head sideways, and an expression of infinite regret covered his thin and pale face, and then he spread his hands, indicating that his love could not help, and the countless False Gods behind him also responded with a similar expression - sympathy, this expression of the strong to the weak made me feel unhappy.

    The lights suddenly changed at this moment, and the joyful field where thousands of people gathered suddenly became too bright at this moment…… That damn trail of dark red light chased after it like a hateful viper.

    "Damn it!" Zulu gripped the giant hammer tightly and said.

    When the purple-haired pseudo-god knew that everything was going to happen, he urgently leaned over and eagerly said to us a series of words that we could not understand……

    "He said, we must leave now, the power supply system in the Sky Tower has begun to operate again, the rulers have found that we are here, although the maintainers want to protect us, but lack the proper legal basis, now they are unable to fight the rulers, but they ask us to remember that the maintainers are always on the side of the humans, let us remember to tell the other humans this. The only thing they can do now is try to delay the arrival of the ruler's lapdog, the digital demons, so that we can escape as soon as possible." Kun quickly translated.

    "Let's go, what are you still stunned for?" The bearded Zulu urged with his departing back.

    "Wait a minute!" The urge made me blurt out.

    "Kun, please help and say to this False God sir—thank you! Mortals will remember the goodwill of the False Gods today. "When I really said my gratitude to the enemy, the impulse buried in my heart finally found an outlet.

    As if sighing silently, the purple-haired False God leaned down lightly, leaving a faint lip print on my forehead, and then he turned sideways and directed the many False Gods to prepare for our cover.

    "Now, you have to go, good luck along the way." This sentence did not need Kun's translation.